E-Bike Tours


Come with us for a ride on E-Bike! The strength of your legs combined with the electric help will allow you to reach the wildest corners with just a few pedal strokes. A fusion that results in more kilometres and more discovery while respecting the environment.

We offer tailor-made routes so that you can enjoy this activity to the fullest.


From La Massana, we will go up to the small village of Anyós, where we will make a stop in the charming romanesque church of Sant Cristòfol. After contemplating the views of the valley, we will take a road that winds through a dense forest until the pass of Beixalís. Then, we will go to the Font del Mallol, where we will stop under the trees to rest a bit before continuing to the picturesque village of Ordino. We will go to La Massana by the paths the inhabitants used before.

– Coll de la Botella

We will start from La Massana and climb to Pal, a small authentic village that has preserved the essence of Andorra. We will make a stop to see the historic center as well as the romanesque church of Sant Climent. Then, we will continue to the Coll de la Botella, a hideaway of immensity hidden in our small country. After we will descend to the bottom of the valley, where a piece of Andorran history awaits us in the Setúria rim, with buildings that have represented our rural way of life We offer tailor-made itineraries for you to enjoy this activity.

– Cortals de Sispony

From La Massana, we will climb to the small village of Sispony and take a road surrounded by an idyllic landscape. Multicolored flowers and lush trees will accompany us all along the way, as well as the roar of cows grazing blithely. The inhabitants of Sispony used this way to go up to Cortals de Sispony, a group of mountains huts where families spent the summer grazing cattle. From here, we can imagine how life was in Andorra before the tourism boom, when the use of natural resources was vital to survive. On the descent, we will make a stop at Pastador, a shop of delicious homemade jams.


Our tours

– Cortals de Sispony + breakfast with El Pastador artisanal jam tasting

Do you like nature and gastronomy? This tour is for you! We ride on E-Bike to the traditional Sispony mountain huts, where a breakfast awaits us. There, we can taste the delicious El Pastador artisanal jams.

– Tor, the path of the ancestors (2 days, all inclusive)

Live a unique adventure in the High Pyrenees on the E-Bike. Immerge yourself in the mystery that surrounds the Tor mountain while enjoying a weekend of sport, nature and culture. Do you dare?